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Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

When your home sustains water damage for any reason, arranging for water damage restoration services as soon as possible helps to prevent long-term devastation to your residence.
Depending on your homeowner's insurance policy coverage, some or all of this casualty may get handled through your insurer.

Before adversity strikes you, here are some helpful tips, should you need to file a water damage insurance claim.

Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy - To avoid costly surprises, you should never presume that your home has water damage coverage.

For instance, you might have coverage for burst pipes and subsequent damages. However, if your policy doesn't explicitly cover flood damages, you would be personally responsible for the costs associated with remediation and repairs.

Before filing a water damage claim with your insurer, it is always a wise idea to review your policy first. By doing so, you can avoid getting a denied claim, which may result in higher premiums.

Catalog All Water Damage - After confirming whether your insurance policy covers the water damage in your home, the next step is documenting the affected areas of your home. Photographic and video evidence helps to support your claim.

Further, you might write down notes associated with the impacted areas for reference. In many cases, your insurance company will send an adjuster to evaluate and assess the damages at your house when handling the claim.

If you've already hired a remediation company to begin the cleanup process, they will also likely record any areas of the home that require treatment for reference and insurance purposes.

Filing A Claim With Your Insurer - The process of handling your water damage through your insurance company doesn't officially begin until you, or the water damage restoration company you're working with, files an official claim.

One of the most significant advantages of having a water damage specialist handle your request on your behalf is that they have years of experience working with insurers.

As you can imagine, their background in the field helps to alleviate stress and anxiety that you already have as a result of the inconvenience and difficulty of the situation.

Getting Back To Normal After Water Damage

Water damage in your living quarters or place of business is detrimental and troublesome. If you are a resident or business owner in the Rockwall, Texas region, who needs help recovering after water damage at your property, contact the specialists at Doiggs Restoration right away.

Our experienced team of reclamation experts is available to help you get back to normal after the devastation caused by flooding, burst water pipes, leaking roofs, or fire extinguishing efforts.

We offer free estimates and prompt restoration services throughout the service area.


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