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Indoor Air Quality Could Be Worse Than Outside Air

Did you know that the air quality inside your home could be far more polluted than the air we breathe outside? This article lines out several factors that cause indoor pollution and some solutions you can implement to clean the air circulating through your house.

Air Pollutants Found Inside

  • Smoke - We already know of the harmful effects caused by smoking. If you smoke inside your home, you are releasing this toxic pollutant into the air, which is not only bad of you but also the other residents living in the house. Smoke can cause respiratory problems for the user, and those non-smokers who are inhaling the same air.
  • VOCs - These substances enter the air through indoor items such as plastics, paints, resins, and other materials used in the construction of your house. Old paint can still be the cause of these air pollutants years later.
  • Biological Agents - Mold, pollen, and animal hair are all common pollutants we deal with, but many are unaware that these issues can cause respiratory problems in the future.
  • Radon Gas - When uranium-rich soil and rocks are tracked into your home as these elements breakdown, they release radon gas. These elements can enter through dirt floors, concrete cracks, and floor drains.

Try These Solutions

  • Routine Air Filter Replacement - It is recommended that a homeowner replaces their air filters every three months or monthly during periods of heavy use. Clean filters will catch a large number of air pollutants, but once the filter becomes dirty, it will no longer be effective.
  • Smoke Outside - For some, this might require a significant lifestyle shift but could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Keep smoke out of the home and keep it away from non-smokers.
  • Dust and Humidity Control - There are several tools you can purchase these days that are designed specifically for collecting harmful dust particles out of the air or controlling the humidity of a room, which can prevent mold growth.
  • Fresh Air - Opening your windows daily for 15-30 minutes is an excellent way to flush polluted air from your home. With the combination of your ventilation system, you can keep the air in your home fresh at all times.

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