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Signs You Might Need to Repair Your AC

There's no doubt about it - Texas summers get hot! When the mercury is on the rise, having a working home air conditioning system provides sweet relief after a long day at work or play. To ensure that you and your family can stay comfortable during the dog days, here are common signs that your AC unit could use a service call from an experienced HVAC company. Warm Air - When you need to cool things down, warm air won't do! If your HVAC unit is circulating heated air, check your thermostat to make sure you have it on the cooling setting. If you do, and cold air isn't coming out, you could have a malfunctioning compressor or other inefficiencies in your heating and cooling unit. Malfunctioning Thermostat - An older or outdated thermostat or one installed close to direct heat sources, such as sunlight, table, or floor lamps, can provide false readings. As a result, you might experience uneven temperatures throughout your residence, even when the air is running. By