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Caring For Your Window Films

Congrats on your decision to invest in window film installation! It shouldn't be long before you start noticing that your home or office has less glare and is a more comfortable environment.

To ensure the most benefits from window tinting for as long as possible, be sure to follow these care tips for window tint and protective window film.

 Window Cleaning - If you dread the thought of cleaning windows, you'll be pleased to learn that windows treated with window film are less porous than untreated windows, so it takes longer for dirt and debris to accumulate.

For you, that means less frequent cleaning is required to keep your windows crystal clear.

Pro-Tip: Always be sure that the window film is completely dry after cleaning.

To clean, all you need to do is mix a bit of mild dish detergent with warm water. Dampen a soft rag, don't soak it! Slowly and gently wipe the window to clear away dust and dirt. To dry, use another soft towel to wipe away any leftover moisture. Don't get fooled - you don't have to use commercial window cleaners to keep your windows looking terrific!

Pro-Tip: Always follow the grain and cut of the window film when cleaning and drying for the best results.

Maintenance - One of the most effective ways to extend your interior window film's longevity is by applying a silicone polish solution every year. Coatings, such as Plexus Plastic or Solar Majek, adds a lustrous finish and provides protection from scratches and burnishes.

Pro-Tip: If you notice bubbles, never pop them! Doing so jeopardizes the integrity of your window film. Consider calling a window film installation expert like Amersol for solutions.

Remove Unnecessary Tape - Any adhesive tape that remains on the window film should get removed. Carefully and slowly, peel the tape away. If you need to remove any residue from the adhesive, use a soft cloth with a dab of alcohol or mineral spirits to rub it clean.

Pro-Tip: In stubborn sticky residue cases, use methyl ethyl ketone or acetone instead to lift away the residue.

Reap The Benefits Of Crystal Clear Windows

Tinted and protective windows are a worthwhile investment in your home or commercial building. This film helps to make the environment more comfortable, but it also helps to increase privacy and security and help you gain greater control over your monthly energy bills.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting window film installed at your Dallas, Texas home or commercial business, please contact the professionals at Amersol today.

Since 1974, the company has worked with residential and commercial clients to create a more comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient environment.